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PhD position in Ancient or Byzantine Greek
Uppsala University – Department of Linguistics and Philology

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Starting 2015.

Research and teaching at the Department of linguistics and philology covers approx. twenty different languages and linguistic subjects as well as computational linguistics. These include many of the important languages and cultures in the Middle East, to which can be added Hindi, Swahili, Chinese, Ancient Greek and Latin. Comparative Indo-European linguistics and general linguistics are also part of the department.

Doctoral studies extend over a 4-year period during which the PhD-student will receive a salary as an employee of the department. Doctoral students are expected to engage in full-time study and research, and contribute to and participate in the department’s activities. Teaching and/or administrative tasks may be involved (up to a maximum of 20%).

To qualify for a doctoral position in Greek at Uppsala University, a candidate should hold a master’s degree in Ancient Greek. Applicants who have obtained qualifications equivalent or comparable to this in Sweden or abroad are also eligible to apply.

Doctoral students in Greek at Uppsala university work in a lively research environment with scholars interested in the Greek language and Greek culture from antiquity and onwards. For this position we are looking primarily for a candidate who is interested in working with texts from the ancient period (including late antiquity). The proposed doctoral project must be described in a research plan attached to the application.

Applications should include copies of: the applicants’ senior and master’s theses; a short CV, including a brief description of research interests; a research plan (4-5 pages); publications, if any; other relevant documentation the applicant wishes to cite in support of his/her application, such as letters of recommendation, contact information for references, etc.

Admission of students described in “Act of higher education” (Högskoleförordningen) 7 kap 34-36 §§. Rules of employment of graduate students can be found in “Act of higher education” (Högskoleförordningen) 5 kap 1-7 §§. Rules for doctoral education is regulated in “Act of higher education” (Högskoleförordningen) 6 kap 26-36 §§.

Admission rules, regulations and guidelines for postgraduate studies in Uppsala University cited

For information, please contact professor Ingela Nilsson (, tel +46 (0)18-471 1424, professor Mats Eskhult, director of graduate studies (, tel +46 (0)18-471 7379) or Lars Hagborg, senior faculty administrator, (, tel +46 (0)18-471 1907).

The deadline for applications is June 21st 2015 at latest, UFV-PA 2015/1586.

To apply: