48th Byzantine Spring Symposium

Whose Mediterranean is it anyway?
Cross-cultural interaction between Byzantium and the West 1204-1669

The Open University, Milton Keynes
28-30 March 2015


Saturday 28th March

Registration and Welcome – Berrill Building

09.30-10.15: Registration / coffee

10.15-10.30: Angeliki Lymberopoulou (Milton Keynes) – Welcome

Morning Session – Berrill Building
Chair: Liz James

10.30-11.00: Angeliki Lymberopoulou (Milton Keynes) – Framing of the 48th Spring Byzantine Symposium

11.00-11.40: Jane Baun (Oxford) – Whose Church is it anyway? Mediterranean Christianities in cross-cultural context

11.40-12.00: Discussion

12.00-13.30: Lunch (Berril Building)

Saturday 28th March
Afternoon Session – Berrill Building
Chair: Leslie Brubaker

13.30-14.10: Liz James (Sussex) – Made in Byzantium? Mosaics after 1204

14.10-14.50: Stefania Gerevini (Rome) – Beyond 1204? The Baptistery of San Marco, the chapel of St Isidore, and the meaning of Byzantine visual language in fourteenth-century Venice

14.50-15.30: Michele Bacci (Freiburg) – Enhancing the Authority of Icons: Italian Frames for Byzantine Images

15.30-15.55: Discussion

16.00-16.30: Coffee / Tea (Berrill Building)

16.00-17.30: SPBS Meeting (Hub Theatre)
(Coffee / Tea for those attending this meeting will be served at the Hub Theatre)

Open Lecture – Berrill Building
Chair: Angeliki Lymberopoulou

17.45-19.00: Leslie Brubaker (Birmingham) – Space, place and culture: processions across the Mediterranean

Symposium Feast – Hilton Hotel

Sunday 29th March

Please note: British Summer time begins on Sunday 29th March – clocks go forward one hour

Morning Session – Berrill Building
Chair: Rembrandt Duits

9.00-09:40 Diana Newall (Kent) – Artistic and Cultural Tradition through Candia in the 15th century

09:40-10.20: Maria Constantoudaki (Athens) – Aspects of Artistic Exchange on Crete. Remarks and Question Marks

10.20-10.50: Coffee / Tea (Berrill Building)

10.50-11.30: Sharon Gerstel (Los Angeles) – Between east and West: Locating Monumental Painting from the Peloponnesos

11.30-11.55: Discussion

12.00-13.30: Lunch (Berrill Building)

12.45-13.30: SPBS AGM (Berrill Building)

13.30-15.30: Communications – Two Parallel Sessions (please see additional programme)

Session A: Berrill Building – Chair: Diana Newall
Session B: Hub Theatre – Chair: Tony Eastmond 

15.30-16.00: Coffee / Tea (Berril Building for all)

Sunday 29th March
Afternoon Session – Berrill Building
Chair: Dionysios Stathakopoulos

16.00-16.20: Ioanna Christoforaki (Athens – in absentia) – Crossing Boundaries: Colonial and Local Identities in the Visual Culture of Medieval Cyprus

16.20-17.00: Tassos Papacostas (London) – Where Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architecture crossed paths: Cyprus under Latin rule

17.00-17.15: Discussion

Open Lecture – Berrill Building
Chair: Angeliki Lymberopoulou

17.30-18.45: Dionysios Stathakopoulos (London) – ‘Latin basillisses’: transcultural marriages in late medieval Greece

18.45: Reception – Berrill Building: Sponsored by Ashgate

Monday 30th March

Morning Session – Berrill Building
Chair: Tassos Papacostas

09.00-09.40: Tony Eastmond (London) – Contesting Art in the Thirteenth Century

09.40-10.20: Hans Bloemsma (Middelburg) – Byzantine nearness and Renaissance distance in Early Italian Painting

10.20-11.00: Rembrandt Duits (London) – Byzantine Influences in the Iconography of Last Judgment in Late Medieval Italy

11.00-11.30: Tea / Coffee (Berrill Building)

11.30-12.10: Francesca Marchetti (London) – O insignis Graecia, ecce iam tuum finem. Illustrated medical manuscripts in Late Palaeologan Constantinople and their fortune in Sixteenth Century Italy

12.10-12.45: Discussion and Closure of the 48th Spring Byzantine Symposium

12.45-14.00: Lunch (Berrill Building)



Sunday 29th March 2014, 13.30 -15.30

**Please Note: The allocated time per communication is 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions – a total of 15 minutes per communication. The 20 minute allocation in the programme is provided for those who would like to move between the Berrill Building and the Hub Theatre in the Open University campus to attend different communications. Chairs are advised to be ‘Bryer’-ruthless in their time keeping. Thank you for your co-operation.**

Session A: Berril Building – Chair Diana Newall

13.30-13.50: Livia Bevilacqua (Venice) – Venice in Byzantium: Art and Patronage in the Venetian Quarter of Constantinople (13th-15th centuries)

13.50-14.10: Matthew Kinloch (Oxford) – Shared Cultures of Power: Cities and power in Byzantium and Italy

14.10-14.30: Christopher Wright (London) – Prizes or prisons: the Latins and power over islands in the Palaiologan Byzantium

14.30-14.50: Anestis Vasilakeris (Istanbul) – The Drawing Process in Byzantine and Italian Painting around 1300

14.50-15.10: Andrea Mattiello (Birmingham) – The elephant on the page: Ciriaco de’Pizzicolli D’Ancona in Mystras

15.10-15.30: Maria-Vassiliki Farmaki (Athens) – Theatre Arts and Life in Byzantium: the Connection between Byzantine and Latin Theatre


Session B: Hub Theatre – Chair Tony Eastmond

13.30-13.50: Dion Smythe (Belfast) –Nέα ελληνική κουζίνα: ‘Oil and water in the same cup’

13.50-14.10: Grant Schrama (Ontario) – Home is where your heart is: Latin Diaspora and Identity in Constantinople and Greece, 1204-1300

14.10-14.30: Leonela Fundic (Brisbane) – Epiros between Byzantium and the West in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries: Visual Evidence

14.30-14.50: Teodora Konach (Cracow) – The gesture of Dessislava – Byzantine and Western contexts at the Cultural Crossroads

14.50-15.10: Agnes Kriza (Cambridge) – The Royal Deesis: an anti-Latin imagery of Late Byzantine Art

15.10-15.30: Alex Rodriguez Suarez (London) – Bell-ringing in Byzantium during the late Byzantine period: an introduction