Ikarian Centre – Modern Greek Course for Archaeologists and Classicists

 Modern Greek Course for Archaeologists and Classicists
Ikarian Centre
13-29 June 2015; Island of Ikaria, Greece

Full information, including application:
Contact: johanna@ikariancentre.com

Brief Description:
This course is designed for those who wish to learn Modern Greek to enhance their study of/work on Classical Antiquity. Texts and vocabulary will be targeted towards ancient and archaeological themes, as well as to the demands of professional communication in Modern Greek (in the field, at museums, with local authorities, etc.).

Courses are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (A, B, Γ).

Class sizes are small (no more than 8 students) for maximum speaking time.

The course provides 3.5 full hours (60’ / hour) of instruction daily (52.5h full hours in total: significantly more than a single semester’s worth [13 weeks semester x 4 class/week x 50 minutes/class = 43 hours and 20 minutes!]).

The course emphasizes all critical language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and so is appropriate for students preparing to take Modern Greek reading / translation exams.

Intensive Graduate Summer Seminar by Koç University GSSSH & RCAC « Istanbul Through the Ages »

Istanbul Through the Ages
Intensive Graduate Summer Seminar by Koç University GSSSH & RCAC

Understanding Istanbul from pre-history to present…

DATE:  29 JUNE – 21 JULY 2015

Being the center of magnificent empires through time, İstanbul is calling you to discover its rich cultural heritage by following the footmarks of saints, sultans and angels in this enriching summer seminar.  Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations is excited to invite you to have a taste of İstanbul with its intellectual, in-depth program developed by world renowned Ottoman and Byzantine academicians. This exclusive program is designed for graduate students interested in:

  • An intensive program organized chronologically, carrying participants from pre-historic times to present
  • An opportunity to deepen their understanding of İstanbul and add this unique value to their academic focus
  • Gain exposure of lecturers with outstanding expertise and perspectives
  • Collaborate with a cohort of equals, bonded by a mutual interest in historical mysteries and myths of İstanbul through time
  • Have access to the extensive resources available at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations and Koç University as a whole
  • Attend field trips offering students invitations to opportunities otherwise unavailable to general public

…all the while spending your summer in an exotic city bursting with energy, history, spontaneity and endless roads to travel and discover.  With over 12 million inhabitants representing a true melting pot of cultures and faiths, İstanbul-supplemented by the continents of this unique summer program-gives you the chance to enrich your academic pursuits while concurrently enriching your mind and soul.

In order to maintain an intimate setting and provide maximum exposure opportunities, the program has a limited capacity of 15 students. Accommodation will be provided by the Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, located at the heart of İstanbul, Beyoğlu.

This program is only open to graduate level students.

All instructions will be in English.