DIVNA MANOLOVA – Tales of Friendship : Nikephoros Gregoras and Maximos

Tales of Friendship: Nikephoros Gregoras and Maximos, Hegoumenos of the Chortaites Monastery.
Divna Manolova (Université Central European de Budapest)

Nikephoros Gregoras (ca. 1292/1295-1358/1361) addressed letters 20a, 20b, 21, 36, 100a and 100b (ed. P. A. M. Leone, 1982) to his friend Maximos, the hegoumenos of the Chortaites monastery. From letter 21 it becomes clear that both Maximos and Gregoras originate from the same city, namely from Herakleia Pontike. The characteristics of their friendship have not yet been researched in depth, nor has the connection between Gregoras and the monastery located near Thessaloniki been subjected to inquiry.

The present communication aims at presenting and analyzing the evidence provided by Gregoras’ correspondence, in order to discuss the nature of his relations with the Chortaites monastery and in particular, with the hegoumenos Maximos. The paper will address the characteristic features of Gregoras’ letters to Maximos and it will provide a concluding hypothesis as to the role Maximos played in the immediate circle of Gregoras’ friends.