Ecole d’été – Institut suédois d’Istanbul

Medieval literature across languages: a multi-lingual summer school

17–28 May 2021 Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

The summer school seeks to provide PhD students with a first immersion into the study of medieval literature across languages. Language training, with the aim of inviting PhD students to become acquainted with new medieval languages, will here be combined with lectures on case studies, addressing various methodological issues and approaches. The summer school focuses on five medieval languages: Georgian, Arabic, Greek, Latin, and Old French. Together these languages cover an immense geographical and literary expanse, yet they all involved various areas of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Dumbarton Oaks Summer School 2017 on Byzantine coins and seals

2017 Coins and Seals PosterDumbarton Oaks Summer School 2017 on Byzantine coins and seals

The summer program will take place from JULY 3 TO 28, 2017, under the direction of Dr. Eurydice Georganteli (History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University) and Dr. Jonathan Shea (Dumbarton Oaks and George Washington University).  For additional information and application guidelines, please consult the following link:

Université d’été en langues de l’Orient – Venise

Université d’été en langues de l’Orient

Du 4 au 13 août 2016 à Venise

Organisée par Georges Bohas (ENS Lyon), Laurent Colonna d’Istria (Liège), Eric Crégheur (Laval) et David Hamidovic (UNIL).
Initiation, perfectionnement en langues * : akkadien, arabe, arménien classique, chinois, copte, grec classique, hébreu classique, latin, persan, sumérien, syriaque oriental, turc.
Formation donnant 6 ECTS après validation.
Programme ici.
Contact, inscriptions et demande de renseignements :
TÉL: + 41 21 692 20 46
FAX: + 41 21 692 20 05

Ecole d’été – King’s College, Londres (Grec, Latin, Syriac, Copte, Hébreu biblique)

London Summer School in Classics


The London Summer School in Classics (5-14 July, 2016) offers 8 days of intensive teaching in Greek or Latin, along with additional lectures and workshops. Language classes are offered at all levels from beginners to advanced.  We also offer beginners’ classes in Syriac, Coptic and Biblical Hebrew. The course is non-residential and costs £150.  Full-fee bursaries and travel grants will be available, and we are grateful for the support of the Classical Association and Hellenic Society.  The deadline for applications is 1 June, 2016.

To register for this course, please contact the Classics Department:

King’s College London Summer School
Intensive courses in Ancient Greek
Intensive courses in Latin

This year King’s College London is again running two 6-week courses (27 June – 5 August, 2016) in Ancient Greek and Latin as part of the KCL Summer School.  These courses offer students who have not previously had the opportunity to study Greek or Latin intensive training designed to bring them from complete beginners to a point where they are able to read simple texts.  They are ideal for students who intend to study for a Masters or Doctoral degree to get ahead during the summer, thus acquiring an essential skill for their future research. They are also appropriate for teachers, undergraduates, mature students and anyone with an interest in the Hellenic or Roman world.

It is also possible for complete beginners to take just the first half of the course (27 June – 15 July), and for those who already have a basic knowledge to take the second half of the course (18 July – 5 August).

In addition to language learning, we offer workshops giving an introduction to skills such as epigraphy and papyrology, and there will be some specially arranged museum visits.

Accommodation is offered for these courses by King’s College London.

Bursaries to help cover the cost of fees will be offered by the Classics Department, and we are grateful to the Classical Association for their support. The closing date for bursary applications is 16 May. The closing date for applications to the Summer School is 31 May.

For further information and to apply, please see the King’s College London Summer School website:

To apply for a bursary, please see:
For any general queries about these courses, please contact Dr Fiona Haarer (