Appel à contribution – Conférence « Natales Grate Numeras?“, Zadar (7-8 avril 2017)


International Conference to mark the 60th anniversary of the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Zadar, Croatia

„Natales Grate Numeras?“

Zadar, 7 and 8 April 2017

Based on the ancient Roman foundations of the city of Zadar and several centuries of higher education, the contemporary Faculty of Humanities was founded in the academic year 1956/7. The Department of Latin was one of the six original departments of the new Faculty. The study of Greek was introduced in the 80s and, after a turbulent period marked by war in the 90s, the Department grew in both the number of new members and the varied scope of academic disciplines which they pursued.

To mark the 60th anniversary of its foundation, the Department of Classical Philology will host an international conference „Natales grate numeras?“ that will take place on 7 and 8 April 2017. Friends, colleagues as well as scholars from other disciplines and from abroad are invited to join us in celebration in order to give a positive answer to Horace’s question referred in the conference title.

Academics from abroad working in different areas of Classics and related disciplines will join Croatian colleagues in a fruitful dialogue. The keynote speakers are world-renowned experts in their respective areas: professor David Elmer (Harvard University), professor Stephen Heyworth (University of Oxford) and professor Darko Novaković (University of Zagreb). The proceedings will come to a close with a conference dinner and a guided tour of the city of Zadar, which has recently come to boast of the title ‘European Best Destination 2016’.

Proposals for papers should fall within the scope of the following subject areas:
1. Homer, Hesiod and the Greek epic
2. The poetry of the Augustan age
3. Greek and Roman religion and mythology
4. Late Antiquity and Byzantium
5. Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin
6. Dalmatia in antiquity
7. The state of Classics today and related issues.

Please also note:
– The official languages of the conference are Croatian, English and Latin.
– In order to apply one needs to fill out an application form (follow the link and send it to Diana Sorić, assistant professor, via email:
– One author can submit a maximum of two papers if one of these papers is co-authored.
– The deadline for submission of proposals is 1 December 2016. Applicants will be notified whether or not their paper is accepted by 15 December 2016.
– Speakers will be allocated 30-minute slots: twenty minutes to give their paper and ten minutes for questions and discussion.
– There is no conference fee for participants.
– The organiser is not able to cover any travel or accommodation costs.
– All other information regarding the conference will be sent via email and posted on the website of the Department of Classical Philology:

Diana Sorić, PhD (University of Zadar), president
Milenko Lončar, PhD (University of Zadar)
Krešimir Vuković, DPhil (Oxon.) (University of Oxford)
Linda Mijić, PhD (University of Zadar)
Ankica Bralić, PhD (University of Zadar)
Anita Bartulović, PhD (University of Zadar)
Teuta Serreqi Jurić, PhD (University of Zadar)
Sabira Hajdarević, PhD (University of Zadar)
Zvonko Liović, PhD (University of Zadar)