From gold to silver in the seventh century

From gold to silver in the seventh century
(workshop, 27-8 March 2015, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, 9 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP)

It has long been known that the seventh century witnessed fundamental changes in the economic and monetary landscape of northwest Europe. At the heart of this process was the metamorphosis of a system derived from late Roman gold denominations into silver pennies familiar from subsequent centuries. Recent research by archaeologists has reignited discussion of these changes and created challenging questions for the entire subject. A central aim of this workshop is to create a dialogue on these developments between leading specialists from a range of disciplines, including historians and numismatists as well as archaeologists. Through close comparison of evidence from England, the Low Countries and France, we intend to address fundamental questions of chronology and causation in the transformation of seventh-century currency, together with the implications these changes raise for the contemporary archaeological and historical record.

 Speakers include Marion Archibald, Dr Anna Gannon, Prof John Hines, Dr Rory Naismith, Dr Arent Pol, Prof Chris Scull, Dr Gareth Williams and Prof. Barbara Yorke.


Please contact Dr Rory Naismith ( if you would like to attend. Registration is £10; £7 for students.